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Coinbase extension is a hot crypto wallet in which you can store different crypto assets and keep all your worries aside. Beginner crypto traders

Coinbase extension- Transform your browser into a hot crypto wallet

Have you recently been introduced to the Coinbase wallet and now you are also planning to use it? If yes, you need to be aware of the fact that this wallet is available in two different formats i.e. a web browser extension and a mobile-friendly app. And this particular read has been assigned the duty of introducing you to the web version of this wallet. In case you are also one of those users who wish to get started with this wallet service, then you should definitely go through this read.

Introduction to the Coinbase Wallet extension

Coinbase wallet which is available as a Coinbase extension is a hot crypto wallet in which you can store different crypto assets and keep all your worries aside. Beginner crypto traders find it pretty easy to use because it comes with a wide range of features available right there on the homepage. Unlike other crypto wallets where users can only store one kind of crypto asset that is built on a single blockchain, Coinbase wallet supports tokens developed on different blockchains. Not just Bitcoins, this wallet can be used to store a wide range of crypto assets.

Since we are here to discuss the wallet in reference to the Coinbase extension, let us now proceed with the steps to get the extension added and then set up your wallet account on it.

How to get the Coinbase extension added?

Before I discuss with you the steps to install the Coinbase wallet extension, I would like you to understand the fact that you should install the extension only from authentic sources. Since this extension is currently available only for the Chrome browser, you can either get it from the Chrome web store or from the official Coinbase wallet website. Here are the steps that must be followed to get the extension from the official website:

1. From your Chrome browser, please go to

2. Navigate to the top-right corner of the browser and select "Download"

3. Choose how you'd like to proceed (which in this case is "Download for Chrome")

4. When the Chrome web store opens, select the "Add to Chrome" option link

5. In the small pop-up window that appears at the top, choose "Add extension"

6. This way you can add your Coinbase extension to your Chrome web browser easily

Now, it is time to learn how you can set up your wallet.

Setting up a wallet on the Coinbase extension

Now if you have decided to go ahead with using this wallet and now you wish to set up your wallet, then you can easily do so by following the easy steps that are explained below:

1. After downloading the wallet app/extension, select the "Create new wallet" option

2. Review the details given on the homepage of the wallet and accept the given terms

3. Now, assign a new username to your wallet based on the given requirements

4. After submitting your username, choose a preferred security method

5. Backup your Secret Recovery Phrase in this step and confirm it in the next step

6. Hit the "Continue" option and you're good to go

Concluding thoughts:

Whether you are a beginner or a trained crypto enthusiast, using the Coinbase extension wallet comes with so much ease and efficiency. You can literally store any of the supported assets on the platform without any hassle. To get started, I suppose this guide would be enough for you.

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